Visual Encounters with Alterity


Representing East-Central and South-Eastern Europeans in the Nineteenth Century and the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Thursday 24 May — Saturday 26 May 2012

Institute of Ethnology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

H-1014 Budapest, Országház u. 30

With our first conference on stereotypes in caricatures in Warsaw (2010) behind us, we would now like to engage and challenge scholars to further enhance the study of how group distinctions and differentiations between self and the "constitutive Other" are elaborated and visually marked. We plan to highlight processes and products of "encounters" and try to understand how images of alterity are constructed, used, and integrated into one's own cultural practices. We intend to explore how various groups of people (e.g., ethnic, social, gender, age, and occupational groups) of East-Central and South-Eastern Europe (from the Baltic states-Russia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Austria-to the Balkan states) had been represented in the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. The subject of analysis can be drawings, paintings, photographs, or prints, as illustrations, caricatures, posters, postcards, commercial graphics, and so on, or popular images applied on other devices. The papers discuss the different kinds of stereotyped representations ranging from negative to positive (e.g., diminishing, mocking, satirizing, excluding or ostrasizing, demonizing, exoticizing, orientalizing, heroizing, or romanticizing) that exist side-by-side within a particular time period. We are looking for multi-disciplinary, transnational comparative approaches that lead to the exposure of a variety of local cultural contexts.


 24-26 May 2012, Budapest
To be held at Jakobinus Hall of the Academy, Institute of Ethnology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, [H-1014 Budapest, Országház u. 30]

In cooperation with
The Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
The Institute of Ethnology, Slovakian Academy of Sciences, Bratislava
The Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Praha

Language of the conference: English