Performance of Theatre of one poem in Merlin Theatre.

Friday 20 May 2011, 7:00 pm

Theatre Merlin

Budapest, V., Gerlóczy u.4.


Actors - Krzysztof Wodziński
Paweł Warunek
Paweł Siwek
direction - Krzysztof Żyliński
music - TJW and Michał Wawrzyniak


Note From the Director

Theatre is our kingdom. Theatre is inside us. We are fools, fools of reality, since more or less consciously we create our own image for the world, people, and for ourselves. We play roles which often take control over us and finally we don’t know who we are and why we are here. In that case we need a place and time for spirit and physical transition.

This place is a ritual of word, movement, body, space, light, another person’s warmth, its confused look, fear and uncertainty. This is also a ritual of remembering and forgetting, fighting and submitting, searching and giving oneself to the God.

The ritual of space and time.

It is the place of replacing spoiled blood – the place of purification.

The transition of a fool into a king is the mystery and metaphysics in the “Kingdom.”

Isn’t the King an unaware fool, and the Fool an aware king? Only the fool can make transition in ritual of space and time, discovering that there could be nothing under the following perfect masks, embodiments and doubles.