The region's colorful identity

Tuesday 9 October — Friday 19 October 2018

FISE Gallery

1054 Budapest, Kálmán Imre utca 16.


The title of the exhibition presented at the Budapest Design Week corresponds to a pun ‘Corals of coral colour’ known only in the Polish language. The curator, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, attempts to answer the question whether the colours typical for the countries of the region: Czech and Slovak, Hungarian or Polish can be singled out in the design? The exhibition undertakes to determine the colour of the Polish identity and the neighbouring countries. The curator analyses the colours selected for similar items by designers from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary such as vases as well as fabric designs. Sets of colours: hues of pink and blue, green and yellow will be created on the basis of the collected objects that appeared in the projects from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

The curator says that ‘Single colours are easy to determine: green, blue, red. When put together, they cease to be unambiguous, they become a language. Designers asked about their colour decisions shrug their shoulders. They say they choose what is fashionable or what sells. This, however, does not exhaust the topic.  ‘That's why, instead of analysing the choices of designers, the author focuses on countries in her exhibition and adds:  ‘The way we perceive colours and how we use them is influenced by many factors. Light and surroundings. Earth and sky, cities and nature.  Traditionally utilised materials and combinations to which we have become accustomed. Context is meaningful and in this region it is marked by the grey communist aesthetics. However, designers do not refer to tradition or nature. They reach for materials available, choose trendy colours.

Designers from the Czech Republic (Dechem Studio, Milan Pekar, Klara Sumova, Roman Sedina, Vessels Design, Geometr), Hungary (Eszter Soptei, Edina Andrasi, Sara Kele), Slovakia (Michaela Bednarova, Simona Janisova, Linda Vikova) and Poland  (Maria Jeglińska, Monika Patuszyńska, August Studio, Sebastian Pietkiewicz, Agnieszka Bar, Andrzej Mędrek, Alicja Tyburska, Andrzej Bero) participate in the exhibition.

Official event of the Design Week Budapest.

Curator: Agnieszka Jacobson - Cielecka

Exhibition Organiser:  Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Co-organisers: Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola, FISE Gallery, Polish Institute in Budapest

The projects are organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of POLSKA 100, the international cultural programme accompanying the centenary of Poland regaining independence.

The POLSKA 100 programme presents the most important achievements in Polish culture from the last one hundred years, those which are still inspiring artists and audiences alike everyday across the globe.

Financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland as part of the multi-annual programme NIEPODLEGŁA 2017–2021.