Łukasz Ciepliński

Wednesday 28 February 2018

1st March marks the National Day of Remembrance of the "Cursed Soldiers" in Poland

Łukasz Ciepliński „Pług”. Źródło: IPN

1st March 1951 marks the day of execution of Lieutenant-Colonel Łukasz Ciepliński "Pług", the hero of the fight for an independent Poland, the last president of "Freedom and Independence", a Polish underground anti-communist organisation, and author of several gripping letters addressed to his son, written while on death row: 

They will only take my life, which is not the most important thing. I am happy to die, murdered for being a Catholic, who dies for his religion, for being a Pole, who dies for independent and happy Poland, and for being a human, who dies for the truth and justice. Today, I believe more than ever that the Christianity and its values will prevail, that Poland will regain its independence, and that the disrespected human dignity will be restored. Such is my belief and it gives me great joy. If you ever find my grave, this is an inscription I would like to have on it. Farewell, my beloved. I kiss you and I embrace you, holding you close to my heart. I bless you and I hand you over to the [Blessed Virgin Mary, the] Queen of Poland. Your father.

The Polish Institute in Budapest organises a conference in the memory of the "Cursed Soldiers" for the first time in Hungary on 4-5 May. We cordially invite you to the event. Let us revere and honour the heroes together!

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