Heroes' Wives


Thursday 31 August, 7:00 pm — Friday 29 September 2017

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út. 32

Heroes' Wives

Contemporary art exhibition at LATARKA Gallery

Opening August 31st at 7 pm

Opening speech by Andrea Bordács, esthete

Lilith Öröksége art group (Legacy of Lilith) – Bea Kusovszky, Andrea Fajgerné Dudás, Orsolya Oláh

Who were Queen Gisela, Maria Laskarina or Catherine of Poděbrady?

Their names might sound familiar, but they are merely faded memories from history class, if that. Nevertheless, these influential women were the wives of our eminent kings. They were the queens of our country who played a significant role during the course of history, yet somehow, they are still unrecognised. The statues of Heroes' square is an image living in all Hungarians; this place is one of the tourists' favourite selfie locations. These statues were carved into stone, considering their medium, and also in an anthropological and hermeneutic sense. Yet, as people say, behind every successful man there stands a woman. The visitors accept it, the Hungarians live with the image of Heroes' square but the question do not even cross their minds: where are the heroes' wives?

Maria Theresa is the only one who earned the privilege of being acknowledged by the posterity due to the meaningful decisions she made. Certainly, there were some women who passed away at a young age and there were a plenty of them who faded into obscurity as a result of the inaccurate historical archives.

We need to put effort into find the statues embodying women and explore the entire country. Statues on public squares depicting women usually represent beauty and eroticism or, occasionally, they might appear before us as a manifestation of a saint.

The above-mentioned phenomenon begets several intriguing questions among female artists in both general and symbolic sense. These wonderful women were the wives of the most well-known kings with fulfilled, successful careers. They were both partners and caring mothers. Is that not enough for us to fit them into our visual observable world?

The Legacy of Lilith art group creates a unique memorial by elevating our heroines into the patriarchal cultural history.
On view till 29th September.

LATARKA Gallery, 32 Andrássy street