Polska Jazz - 3.


Polish Jazz Festival: High Definition Quartet - ‘Bucolics’

Thursday 12 November 2015, 9:00 pm

Budapest Music Center, Opus Jazz Club

Budapest, IX. Mátyás u. 8.


Piotr Orzechowski “Pianohooligan” - piano
Mateusz Śliwa - tenor sax
Alan Wykpisz - double bass
Dawid Fortuna - drums

“High Definition is one of the most incredible bands if not the most incredible group I have ever played with, and since I have been in the music business for almost fifty years, that is a really strong recommendation. I am sure they will go on to become world famous musicians both individually and as a group!” Randy Brecker

High Definition Quartet is one of the most interesting and award-winning Polish jazz ensembles of the younger generation. Its originality and musical freshness are well received in Poland and abroad – the quartet has won an array of the highest laurels at prestigious jazz festivals and competitions, including the most valuable of all – First Prize at Jazz Hoeilaart 2012 in Belgium, among others. The ensemble musicians are also winners of prestigious individual competitions. Suffice it to say that Piotr Orzechowski is the winner of the Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition 2011 in Switzerland and Alan Wykpisz was honoured with an award at Bass2012 Copenhagen in Denmark.

The band had their debut on the phonographic market with Hopasa (EmArcy Records/Universal Music Polska, 2013), which was exceptionally well received by critics and nominated for the prestigious Fryderyk 2014 award. The band also received a prize in the ‘Best Album of the Year’ category at Grand Prix Jazz Melomani 2014.

High Definition Quartet has to its credit numerous concerts performed in Poland, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, India, Canada and the USA, as well as collaboration with jazz trumpet giant Randy Brecker, as part of which they have toured Poland and the Persian Gulf countries (2012-2013).

ForTune Publisher released High Definition’s newest album Bukoliki in September 2015. The original Bucolics are five piano miniatures based on Kurpian folk tunes written by Polish composer Witold Lutosławski in 1952. The title was borrowed from Virgil's Bucolics, which were ten antique pastoral tales glorifying rural life. Orzechowski reviewed Lutosławski's composition. He was aware that the score referred in a straightforward way to Kurpian music, and, to be more precise, to the collection by a Polish priest Władysław Skierkowski entitled The Kurpian Forest in Song. He analysed all the original songs, searching for those Lutosławski particularly liked, and he found five songs that corresponded to the five parts of Bucolics.

High Definition develops the source material, treating it as a foundation for building a new composition bordering on jazz and contemporary music – energetic, astonishing, resorting to powerful contrasts. A composition that bears the mark of Orzechowski's personal musical language, as well as the mark of other great improvising musicians of High Definition Quartet. 


“The transposition and expansion of the ‘Bukoliki’ piece for the jazz quartet provided rhythmically complex, highly energetic, and dynamic music with sharp changes of mood and temperature.” Henning Bolte | All About Jazz


“If 20th-century composer Igor Stravinsky were alive today and leading a small jazz ensemble, it would sound like this - rhythmically precise, harmonically exotic, and far more interested in sound textures than in catchy melodies.” Daniel J. Kushner | Rochester City Newspaper




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