The CEE Plate


Discussion at the Petőfi Sándor Literary Museum. Participants: Robert Maklowicz (PL), Viktor Faktor (CZ), Erik Simsik (SK). Moderator: Csaba Horváth

Friday 16 October 2015, 8:00 pm

How do the kitchens of Eastern and Central Europe differ? What distinguishes the traditional foods made from similar ingredients but called differently in each language, and what characterizes the literary career of these favourites? How do cooking and eating appear in the literatures of Eastern and Central Europe? V4 snacks to start.


Robert Makłowicz (b. 1963, Kraków), journalist, writer, culinary critic and traveller. For a decated hosted a TV programme about culinary voyages. An expert on Central European cuisine. Author of seven culinary and cook books.

So I am a Greek and a Chinese, who would mind? Although Polish is my mother tongue, what I like the most is being surrounded by other tongues as well. I am glad to see the shrines of different religions in one place, and even more so when all of them are open. Crossing borders has been my favourite pastime since I was a child, and the thought of them existing at all a most frequent curse. Once I could decide on my own where I wanted to be, and it became possible to cross borders, I used to travel without a destination, only to hear a different language, eat a different type of soup, try some different alcohol, explore a different countryside. To see my reflection in a different mirror. This is necessary, since mirrors can lie, so if you only examine yourself in one your whole life, it might be that you do not really know what you look like.

Robert Makłowicz

photo by Gábor Valuska/ Robert Makłowicz