L1danceFest 2011 – Budapest


10 years of L1 Contemporary Dance Festival with a special focus on Poland!

Wednesday 21 September — Sunday 25 September 2011

Bakelit M.A.C., MU Színház, Gödör Klub


L1 Association’s contemporary dance festival has been presenting performances since 2002: at first mainly the performances of the Association members, a collective of independent Hungarian artists, then later other talented - national and international - dancers and groups joined the festival as well. Jubilee is the beginning of a new era: from 2011 we keep on working with a new name, with members, opening up for new dimensions. 

The program selection of the L1danceFest 2011 is marked by the professional criteria and experimental vein of Márta Ladjánszki – dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the festival: “This year as well I have tried to invite artists whom I personally know and whose works have inspired me.” The goal of the festival is to introduce artists still unknown to the Hungarian public (in Budapest and later in the countryside as well), who have unique character, sophisticated knowledge and high level technical routine.

The contemporary dance festival has been gradually developing into a more and more extensive international review (both geographically, and concerning the amount of performances), that offers performing opportunities not only to L1 Association members and resident artists, but aims to introduce the works of recognized international artists to the Hungarian audience.


Participating countries this year: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Catalonia.

15 performances, concerts, discussions and workshops within 5 days!




Guest performances from Poland:

Agata Maszkiewicz (PL) / Polska

concept/dance/choreography: Agata Maszkiewicz
video/sound/light: Vincent Tirmarche
music: Miles Davis “Bitches Brew”, The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the devil”, Ensemble from Gabin, Mazovie/Piotr Figurski/Piotr Klys “Oberek”
production: VierHochDrei/ Lisa Schmidt
coproduction: Workspace Brussels, imagetanz/brut Wien and Art Stations Foundation Poznan
supported by: Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien and  Bundesministerium fur Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur

"POLSKA" is based on sympathy and empathy. Using dance, performance, music and video the show, with a subtle sense of humor, leads the spectators to react physically to what they see.   They might think of embarrassment. They surely deal with their own projections. They might think about performance and performativity, about results and success as well as failures and injuries. The dancer wears a sprinter costume and her body can definitely not escape to its cultural nature.

Agata MASZKIEWIC - Born in Poland, is based in Vienna and Paris. She graduated Institute of Dance Arts at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitaet in Linz, Austria (October 2009). She is a recipient of the DanceWeb 2006 scholarship program. From January till June 2007 she continued her education in the Centre Choreoghraphique National (CCN) in Montpellier as a participant of the ex.e.r.ce program. She works, among others, with the collective Superamas (You dream, BIG3 happy/end, Casino) and creates her own work. She collaborated with Anne Juren, Marian Baillot and Alix Eynaudi on the piece “Komposition” (2008). In 2008, together with Alix Eynaudi, she created a video-performance "The Visitants" and later on, in 2009 a piece “Long long short long short”. Currently she works on a new production “Don Kiszotowski & Sanczo Paniec” which will premiere in November 2011 in brut, Vienna.

Vincent TIRMARCH - Born in 1965, lives in Paris. Between 1986 and 1989 he studied Cinema and Literature (Master and DEA) at the university Jussieu PARIS 7, and in 2002, Digital Arts (DEA) at l'Ecole Supérieur de l'Image, Angoulème, France. Video and Film maker, musician, & performer, he worked and collaborated in France on many theatrical projects since 1988. Since 2000, he is member of the French/Austrian/Belgium collective SUPERAMAS.


Małgorzata Haduch (PL) / Zona Segura

concept, choreography and performance: Małgorzata Haduch
lights: Jan Cybis
music: Andy Moor & DJ Rupture, Kaffe Matthews
artistic care: Hooman Sharifi
production: Arts Stations Foundation (projects supported with an individual grant by Instytut Adama Mickiewicza)

... And this weird sound from somewhere inside.
... The birds were silent on the rest of the afternoon ... I have never experienced such a strong silence.
... Some helplessness, no control, ease of injuries and lack of sense of safety.
... Fear, silence and peace.
…State of emergency
... reminds me about  life.

Zona Segura - a solo was achieved in the framework of artistic residence Solo Project 2009 in Poznan / Art Stations Foundation. Since its premiere in May 2009, "Zona Segura" was shown in Poznan, Warsaw, Bratislava (NU Dance Festival), Berlin (TanzTage) and Dresden. Collaboration with the light director, John Cybis, is a key part of this performance, where the harsh game between brightness and darkness play a major role in the experience of this performance, both for audiences and a dancer. Music, like in other Małgorzata’s performances, , is a powerful engine of the movement, energy and emotion. "Zona Segura” was once again inspired by the music of Andy Moor (The Ex), this time with a duet with DJ Rupture and Kaffe Matthews. Every time, Małgorzata takes new challenges on the stage, touching the unknown spheres "Zone ...", crossing new bordes, retaining the intensity and surprising herself and the viewer. It's an emotional solo, and constued by the audience as a very honest, minimalist, consistent, brave and moving.

Here is some of my friend’s description: "Being alone in the space, where you invite in the beautiful and sincere way" For Małgorzata the most important drive of this performance is a state of emergency, which becomes a joyful motivation to live.

"As part of that evening, Małgorzata Haduch is experienced a moment later, whose body is transformed into a terror machine acquirer. The machine that vibrates and pants in the undescribable way and seems to be not to stop. At the beginning Małgorzata was on the stage in black top and black gym shorts, and her arms were contacted, though otherwise it was not possible, as she wanted to hide. After a while, she opened up nimbly, flexibly straightening up and pulling the breast. She was it doing forth and back: two forces, which combat each other so hard, that there was no measure. (Michael Schlagenwerth, Berliner Zeitung)

Małgorzata Haduch (Poland, 1978) – dancer and choreographer, graduated from the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, in 2004. She has been working independently as a choreographer, dancer and curator in The Netherlands and other countries such as Scotland, Brazil, Chile, Japan and Peru. Małgorzata is leading the artistic collective Unfinished Company, which embraces international artists from different art fields - dance, music, video, photography. Unfinished Company has been performing in different constellations since 2006. Every new Unfinished Company project is sharpening the artistic direction of the collective and of the individuals that form the group.

Her vision about dance has been shaped by such artists and teachers as Katie Duck, David Zambrano, Robert Steijn, Hooman Sharifi, Michael Schumacher and Carlas Salas, among others, who contributed significantly to her experience as choreographer and performer. Another important projects which have influenced her individual artistic language are: work as guest choreographer at the Royal Scottish Academy Of Music and Drama in Glasgow, (Scotland 2007); a choreographic project with the theater group Deciertopicante in Tacna, (Perú 2008*; production: Theatre Embassy/Hivos Netherlands); international scholarship program Dance WEB (Austria 2009*), artistic residence Solo Projekt (Art Station Foundation; Poznań 2009), and the „50 days Costa Rica” - a Master Course with David Zambrano, where for 50 days Malgorzata as the only Polish dancer, together with 50 artists from all over the world participated in an unique event orgenized for the first time on that scale (Costa Rica 2010*)

Anna Steller (PL) / Delia

concept: Anna Steller
choreography/creation: Jacek Krawczyk, Anna Steller
music: Rafał Dętkoś, Grzegorz Welizarowicz
costumes: Julia Porańska
lights: Michał Kołodziej

The performance is financed from the Cultural Scholarhips of Gdansk City Hall and Marshall of Pomorskie voivodeship.

Delia is a performance based on movement, space and time. We come back to basic movements, in order to reveal a multiplicity of  meanings. We abandon narration and we don't intend to seduce audience. We remember performances of artists of 1950's and 1960's: Merce Cunningham, John Cage, BBC Radiophonic Workshops, Delia Derbyshire, who revolutionize thinking about art and it's borders. We do it so to create collage of accidental sounds, precise movements, pieces of space and time. Delia don't want to imitate reality, it is reality.

“Delia constructs an artificial, separate reality. Balancing on the verge of rejection it is simultaneously a perfectionist and a conscious realisation of its own principles. It shows pure movement in an empty space and nothing else. This show, which can be compared to the work of New York avantgarde dance artists, materializes the idea of a performance during which anything can happen and which you have to see in order to realise what happens this time. “ (Delia, czyli powtórka z awangardy)

Anna Steller  (1979) - dancer and choreographer. Since 1993 she has been actress and dancer in Dada von Bzdülöw theatre. Since 2004 she has been performing with “Read My Lips” theatre. In 2005 she co-established Good Girl Killer company. From 1997 to 2004- guest actor and dancer in Gombrowicz Town Theatre in Gdynia. A recipient of the Dance Web Scholarship for the 2003 Impulstanz dance workshops and festival in Vienna. In 2003 co-founded the Gravity Dance Studio.

She participated in several international projects:„Osez” Quebec, Canada (2009), Nigel Charnock „HAPPY” (2009), “co-operation” (Gdansk, Geneve 2006) with Swiss company 7273 and Alban Richars and Emanuelle Vo-Dinh

“H.O.N.D” (Hamburg 2006) performance directed by Mariola Brillowska.

As an independent dancer she has created solo and group performances: “Good Girl Killer”(2005), “Juicy Flesh” (2005), “O!” (2003), “La luta continua” (2001), “Apartment 001”(2000) and collaborated with other artists: Leszek Bzdyl’s “SEAS”(2004), Marek Brand’s “Dni pozorne”(2001).

Since 1995 she has been performing in various festival among others:  Four Days (2007 Prague),Dance Corporation, Gdańsk, Odeon Space Theatre in Wien (2003) Solo Festival ANEX Warsaw (2002), Dance Festival Explosive Bremen,  Baltic University of dance, Gdansk, 1997 U Passages, Nancy France (1996) European theatre meeting Wansee Berlin (1997) Modern Dance Festival Kaunas.

Jacek Krawczyk: graduate of Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk, diploma of professional dancer granted by Polish Actors Association. Dancer, choreographer and teacher; in 1998 started artisitic co – operation with Joanna Czajkowska and it was beginning of Teatr Okazjonalny / Occasion Dance Theatre existence; in 2004 and 2006 holder of a grant for professional artists from the Board of Pomeranian Province. In the years 1987–97 instructor in dynamics and pantomime arts, actor – dancer in Expression Theatre; co-operated with many dance theatre and cultural organisation. As a dance teacher co-operated with The School of Culture Animators and The School of Alternative Theatre “Żak” in Gdańsk and Sopocka Scena Off de BICZ; in February 2006 gained the nominee in the plebiscite of Gazeta Wyborcza Tricity “Artist of the Year 2005” in the theatre category; in March 2006 won the Theatre Award 2005 established by the Board of the Pomeranian Province for choreography, Helikopter Tanz Streichquartett and Quad Version 6; in semester 2006/2007 guest teacher with series lectures “Dance in Culture” at University of Gdańsk; in 2006 created a main male role – Don Jose in contemporary dance version of ballet “Carmen” choreographed by J. Staniek for Festival Sacrum – Profanum (Krakow, Poland); in April 2007 Minister of Culture and National Heritage awarded J. Krawczyk a medal “meritorious for Polish Culture”.


Guest performances from other countries:

Handa Gote (CZ) / Mushrooms
Jan Bárta (CZ) / It is exactly about ...not the Paradise
Debris Company - Tomáš Nepšinský, Daniel Raček (SK) / [SO FA:]

Barbara Fuchs (D) / It - solo for one body
Dominik Grünbühel (A/S) / I am the Mockingbird
Jackie Brutsche (CH) / The Moustache Princess
Chris Leuenberger (CH) / Masculinity
La Intrusa Danza (Catalonia) / STAFF fragment

Domestic performances:

Márta Ladjánszki (H) / (Yes Sir, I can’t) BOOGIE!
Katalin Lengyel (H), Niklas Valenti (S) / Super – The Autumn Show
Katalin Kovács (H) / Where has the performance gone?



Małgorzata Haduch (PL) / Passing On&Passing Through



Bélaműhely (H)


Audience talks led by Enikő Kulcsár Vajda!


Photo exhibition:

Edit Kozár (H) / HelyzetjelentésM 2009-2011 - Gödör Klub Exhibition Hall
L1 danceFest past - MU Theater Exhibition Hall

Venues: Bakelit M.A.C., MU Theater, Gödör Klub

Organizer: L1 Association 

Artistic director and program coordinator: Márta Ladjánszki
Program assistant: Andrea Ádám

Sponsors / partners: National Cultural Fund, Ministry of National Resources, National Civil Fund, Nova Sit / New Web Association, Visegrad Fund, European Committee, Education and Culture DG Program, DNA (Development of New Art)Workshop Foundation, Kontakt Budapest Festival, Polish Institute, Czech Center, Slovak Institute, French Institute, Embassy of Sweden, Goethe Institute, Austrian Culture Forum, Pro Helvetia, Cervantes Institute, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Est Media, tancelet.hu


We reserve the right to change the program!       


Further information on the festival blog page: http://l1dancefestival.blogspot.com/