Concert one of the best Polish DJs and producers operating in the region of mash-ups on the A38 Ship.

Friday 3 June 2011, 9:00 pm

River’n’dance A38 Ship



B.A.R.T.O. (Ex El Barto & Liam B) is undoubtedly one of the best Polish DJs and producers operating in the region of mash-ups (tracks emerging from the creative combination of at least two existing songs), which at the same time one of the world celebrities this species. His first publications appeared in more than 8 years ago when he released the first of four parts of the legendary "Mikacje”. This and subsequent publications bootlegs gained him early fame in Poland disputes (presence on the playlists of radio stations such as Triple, Radio Bis, Radio and Jazz), which quickly spread beyond the borders of the country. Since then, his productions frequently appear include the radio antennas such as, BBC Radio 1 (UK), XFM London (UK) and Virgin France (FRA), noting, inter alia figures such as Kissy Sell Out (UK), Loo & Placido (FRA), McSleazy (UK), DJ Zebra (FRA) and DJ Ayres (USA).

After a cameo in the 2009 club, which sets BARTO consisted mainly of dance sounds, he returned to combine pop music (such as Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna ...) from the other side of the scale (The Clash, The Specials, David Bowie ...). At the same time with ease during his sets can go into a club-style aesthetics 2 Many DJ's, hook the dubstep or perform another stylistic about-turn - but remained constant in a typical mash-up’s climate of "connecting everything with everything in a unique style."

With their sets from B.A.R.T.O. hosted both in the main, open for partying alternative clubs (in Poland, Germany and Hungary) and at large festivals such as Festival Selector. He made two exclusive mixes for Heineken Opener Festival, which for several months can be heard on the festival website. Recently also works with broadcast, "Cztery:Gramy!" in the top four (IV Pr. Polish Radio), which offers its exclusive mash-ups.

It is worth noting that for several years B.A.R.T.O. also works under the pseudonym of The Phantom, playing DJ sets at home and abroad, and publishing his strictly-club remixes and original material including for the label such as Top billing Music (Finland), Senseless Records (UK), Trouble & Bass (U.S.), Silverback Recordings (Belgium).


Ticket price: 1000,- Ft