Walny Teatr: Hamlet


Poland - special guest of 7 Festival Ördögkatlan!

Thursday 7 August 2014, 2:00 pm

Kisharsány - Templomkert

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Walny-Theatre was established in 1999 Adam Walny, a graduate of the Institute for Directing Puppet Theatre in the Theatre Academy in Warsaw, also a sculpturer, puppeteer- constructor, scriptwriter and therapist, scholar of the Culture Minister. The theatre penetrates the specifics of the art of puppetry, it broadens the possibilities of an object to perform, it continuous the tradition of itinerant comedians and, at the same time, it is based on experimental forms.

William Sheakspeare: Hamlet

Adaptation, stage design, direction – Adam Walny
Music – Lars Kynde
Work on text, lights, co-directions – Marek Zięba
The used puppetry technics – marionette underwater and bunraku puppets Poster – Przemysław Wojtaś

Hamlet - haunted by the fate of his father's ghost - accidentally initiated into another reality - touched by God's finger - marked by the responsibility for the experience of transcendence, at the same time helpless in his own imperfections, is trying to find himself in a game of madness and game in general.Hamlet is a character in a perpetual relationship with his father's ghost . Animation illustrates the relationship between them. Drama, which he is experiencing, is a severe incompatibility of the world's spirit and matter.What other characters do here? Polonius, King, Queen and others. What is their function? They represent the world of matter, isolated from the Spirit (the underwater world). The tragedy of Hamlet involves tragedy of the other characters of drama, even though they exist in the form of separation. Hamlet on the way to his father's ghost frees desires, fears, concerns of the other characters.Hamlet exists with one foot in the world of his father's ghost. Ghost is the breath - Hamlet alone is not immersed in water. His only limit is the empty aquarium. IH can liberate by the ghost of his father, who is a comedian with a passion. 

Dates and locations

  • 7 August 2014, 2:00 pm
  • 6 August 2014, 3:00 pm - Kisharsány - Templomkert