Danube Regatta – 2014


The Danube Regatta is an international sports event between universities that is organised by the Antall József Knowledge Centre.

Thursday 1 May, 10:00 am — Thursday 1 May 2014, 8:00 pm

Műegyetem rakpart

The competition of the sweeps and dragon boats will take place on the most spectacular reach of the River Danube – the competitors will row from the Parliament, or the Vigadó of Pest, to the main building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). The core of the higher educational institutions of Budapest (the Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB), the BUTE, the Eötvös Loránd University (ELU), the Semmelweis University (SU) and the National University of Public Service (NUPS)), two country-side universities (the University of Pécs (UoP) and the Széchenyi István University of Győr (SzU)) partake in the event. Moreover, we expect three teams from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia to represent their universities.

The races are divided as follows:

1. Qualifying Heat I – Professional University Students in Sweeps: CUB, BUTE, ELU, SU.

2. V4-RACE: Qualifying Heat II – Professional University Students in Sweeps: SzU of Győr (Winner of the Danube Regatta 2013), the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

3. Final Heat of the Professionals in Sweeps, four teams altogether.

4. Race between the Amateur Dragon Boat Teams: CUB, BUTE, ELU, SU, NUPS, and UoP.

Due to a close collaboration with Red Bull, various concerts and an air race, performed by Péter Besenyei, the renowned Hungarian pilot and world champion most closely associated with the Red Bull Air Races, will await the audience during the day-long event. As part of the project named Sound of the University, talented young musicians at the participating universities will also be recruited. These musicians will beforehand compose and, at the Regatta, will play the “song” of their teams. The whole of the lower quay will be reserved, and a grove will be created from where the audience can observe the rowing and the air races more closely. The races will be accompanied by a run in dragon costumes as well as a special ship full of cheering people made available by the public transportation company BKV. The Danube Regatta will promote goodwill missions as well in order to draw young people’s attention to the fact that they should be more watchful of those in need.

We expect to have 20-30 thousand people at the Regatta. The reasons for it are manifold. Firstly, students are keenly interested in the Regatta. Secondly, owing to the programme taking place on 1 May 2014 exactly ten years after the EU accession, numerous people, most with their families, will undoubtedly spend their free time at such a wonderful and diverse programme. Finally, the air race and Mr Besenyei himself will definitely attract many people to the event.

In addition, we anticipate a high degree of media interest, both on the national and international level. During the previous Regatta, altogether 7000 people liked the virtual races, taking place on www.dunairegatta.hu, and the nine Facebook pages of the teams. During the road shows at the participating universities, more than ten thousand people became fans due to our 3D banner announcing the Regatta. The Regatta 2013 appeared in more than 100 media surfaces: the front page of index.hu, the cover of the programme magazine Pesti Est, in the daily paper Nemzeti Sport, the economic weekly Heti Válasz, M1 News, the television programmes Ma Reggel and Mokka, on the cover of the daily magazine Metropol, hirado.hu, sportgeza.hu and mandiner.hu and in Kossuth Radio. More than 40 000 people have watched the video made by index.hu.

The Danube Regatta had 31 sponsors and partners, including the Prime Minister’s Office, Red Bull, Pesti Est, the Capital, the Budapest Public Transport Company BKK, Szentkirályi Ásványvíz, Copy General, Sziget, the Budapest Spas CPlc., Lágymányosi Eötvös Days, Sport Pont, the Austrian Dragon Boat Federation, MTVA, Shopline, port.hu, Valyo and MT Zrt.

The competitors, the cheering crowd and the numerous positive press releases deliver the message that the Regatta is the kind of event that deserves to become a tradition.