Warsaw Village Band (PL)


Concert of the famous Polish band at Sziget Festival 2013.

Thursday 8 August 2013, 5:00 pm

Sziget Fesztivál, OTP Bank Világzenei Party Nagyszínpad

Budapest, Hajógyári sziget

Formed in 1997 as group of friends, after few years of presence on Polish folk stage, and recording "Hop Sa sa"  album (1997) WVB started international career in 2002 when German label Jaro released their second album "People's Spring" (2001). According to Urlich Balss (Jaro's owner), reaction for album was one of the biggest surprises in the history of company. From unknown Polish band, WVB gets into the main World Music stage! In 2004 Warsaw Village Band won very prestigious BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music as "best newcomer", the same year European Broadcasting Union award for the best folk recording.  Also next studio album "Uprooting" (2004), was great success. In Poland awarded by "Fryderyk" - the biggest Polish award - best folk album. and in US gets into the final 10 albums nominated to Grammy  Award (world music).

Year later Warsaw Village Band recorded part of the soundtrack for the computer game Myst IV: Revelation. Music was composed by Jack Wall and Peter Gabriel. But main power of band are live performances. WVB had played more than 400 concerts on 4 continents, more than 30 countries.  From Tokyo and Taipei through Moscow, Tel Aviv, Algier, London, Paris, Lisbon to New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Seattle. Hundreds of clubs, festivals, stages, hotels, flights, people, fans... Always and everywhere enthusiastic welcomed! Press, media, journalists... Even New York Times describe WVB as one of the most important bands of Wolrd Music stage in article: "This is the sound of globalization!" In 2006 BBC made documentary movie about Warsaw Village Band - "Journey". It was one of four parts of series called "European Roots" - WVB among such a stars as Mariza was choosen by producers from BBC to be filmed. Year 2007 brings to the band new member - daughter of Maja and Wojtek - Lena, and this year was a very welcomed year of relaxation and resting for members. But it was not waisted! In 2008 band composed music for theatrical performance in Poland and  released 2 albums. "Upmixing" with remix versions of "Uprooting" and 4th studio album of band - "Infinity" (2009) In 2009 WVB won their 2nd Fryderyk Award - the best folk album of 2008 - "Upmixing". Its hard to describe what music of Warsaw Village Band is: roots, folk, wolrd, ethno... For sure it's modern music, played by modern people, inspired by tradition for this and next generations.

Without any doubt, Warsaw Village Band is today one of the most important and well known music group and ambassador of European culture!

The band:

Magdalena Sobczak Kotnarowska - voice, dulcimer
Sylwia Świątkowska - voice, violin, Płock fiddle
Ewa Wałecka - voice, violin
Piotr Gliński - baraban drum, percussion
Paweł Mazurczak - double bass
Maciej Szajkowski - polish frame drum, percussion
Mariusz Dziurawiec - soundmaster
Miłosz Gawryłkiewicz - trumpet

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