Polish Comics Takes a Stand - History and Society


The exhibition moves from the 9th International Comics Festival to the Platán Gallery!

Tuesday 14 May, 2:00 pm — Friday 17 May 2013, 5:00 pm

Platán Galéria

Exhibition curator: Aneta Kaczmarek

Paweł Timofiejuk – born 1978. Studied political science. He works as a comic book publisher and a Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian translator. From time to time he writes short stories and scenarios for comics. The chairman for the Polish Comic Association. He has established a publishing house timof i cisi wspólnicy which published e.g. Blankets, Habibi by Craig Thompson; From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell; Fun Home by Alison Bechdel; Lost Girls by alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie. Thanks to his publishing house a Polish Day of Free Comics has been launched, an event similar to the American Free Comic Book Day. The director of Komiksowa Warszawa festival.

Michał ‘Śledziu’ Śledziński – born 1978 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Drawer, colorist, writer, comic artist. The author of Osiedle swoboda , Na szybko spisane, Fido & Mel and Wartości rodzinne series. The originator of  Produkt – a comic magazine, Azbest – a zin and P-Lux magazine. Produkt has been published in 1999-2004 gaining great popularity. His works were publish in several computer games’ magazines such as Secret Service, G-man, Gambler and Świat Gier Komputerowych. Since December 2006 he has been publishing a series of comics strips Bears of War, a parody of the computer game Gears of War. In 2010 he took part in the Polish-Portuguese edition of the City Stories project.

Przemysław Truściński – born 1970 in Siedlce, Poland. A graphic artist working for comics and advertisement, storyboarder, engaged in painting, graphics and sculpture. Cooperates with many publishing houses and advertisement agencies, writes scenarios for television productions. Animates the activities of the Polish comic environment. Member of the Association of artists CONTUR, co-organizer of comic festivals in Łódź and Warsaw. One of the founders of the project “Urban Legends” (along with Gosieniecki and Wojda), co-organizer of the Komiks kontra AIDA contest and anthology published with The National Center of AIDS. His works were published in Antologia Komiksu Polskiego, Czas Komiksu, Świat Komiksu, AQQ, Komiks Forum, Talizman, Fenix, Nowa Fantastyka, Magia i Miecz, Bikeboard, Gazeta Wyborcza, Katastrofa, Machina, Plastik, Ślizg etc. The art. director of 44 comic anthology Publisher by the Warsaw Raising Museum. His individual albums: Historia choroby, Najczwartsza RP i Komiks W-Wa.


Osobliwy koń i świnki ministra (The Peculiar Horse and Minister’s Pigs, story: Timof, pics: Śledź) – story combined out of two Praga’s stories about a cabman and a lamplighter that were escorted after getting drunk by their pets to their homes. The horse took care of a cabman thrown into the cab by his fellows and the pigs took care of a lamplighter nicknamed ‘Minister’. The pets know each other and exchange views on their owners drinking.

Fortepian (The Piano, story: Timof & pics: Wojciech Stefaniec) – a student tries to pass a test and the final question concern the history of the building he is studying at. It occurs it was occupied by Fryderyk Chopin’s sister. During the attempt to assassinate Fiodor Berg, tsar’s deputee and she witnessed her brother’s piano being threw out of the window of her apartment - an experience she later expressed in a poem. The student’s ignorance result in failing the exam.

Syrenka (The Mermaid, story: Grzegorz Janusz, pics: Śledziu) – humorous combination of two legends, each belonging to a city (Cracow and Warsow) crossed by the same river. The first one tells the story of a scary dragon terrorizing Cracow who gets killed by eating an artificial lamb full of gunpowder (prepared by a witty cobbler) and drinking the whole water from the Vistula river and exploding. The Mermaid is the icon of Warsaw. Here the result of dragon’s drinking all the water is accidental swallowing of the Warsaw’s Mermaid who kills the dragon and is angry of having no idea how to get back to Warsaw.

Black Warrior of Jerusalem (story & pics: Śledziu) – it tells a humorous story of a young Jewish boy rebelling against tradition that destines him to become a scholar like his ancestors. Instead he pursues his dream of becoming a ninja after secrectly watching a video game with ninjas. Unfortunately he fails at his first attempt with shurikens, a ninjas’ weapon in the shape of a star. The shuriken kills a tourist which provokes a global scandal.  At the end the boy finally goes home and accepts his fate (with a dose of anxiety).

Grunwald (story: Timof, pics: Trust) – the story has been written as a tribute to 600 years of the Grunwald battle, an important battle in the history of Poland and one of the most massive battles of Middle Ages. It is a story told from one the Kings of the Cross’s perspective. Before the battle he has been convinced that he will be fighting against pagan beast, demons and devils but when it is finally over he realizes he killed humans in the name of the same God both sides worship.  

Ford T (one of the PragaGada project’s story, story: Timof & pics: Trust) – winter of December 1938 - two boys, siblings are taken to the cinema by his father to se ‘The Snowhite’ movie. The father then decides to show something more to the kids the kids. They take a tram to reach Praga (one of Warsaw’s districts) and take a walk. The father tells them the story of the car which helped to win the war with Bolsheviks. It was upgraded to suit combat purposes and the father was the driver of one of 8 such vehicles that has been ever produced.  He memorizes combat and victory, is ashamed that the car are left useless after the war. The story is narrated by one of the boys, an older man, who shows war medal of his father and a picture he draw that day as a kid.


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