Jan Jakub Kolski: Venice


Film screening in the Klastrom club.

Saturday 10 November 2012, 6:00 pm

Klub Klastrom

Győr, Zechmeister u. 1.


Running time:110 Minutes
Genre:Open My Eyes
Programs:Open My Eyes Pathway, Contemporary World Cinema
Language:Polish, German, and Russian
Sub-Titles:English Sub-Titles

Eleven-year-old Marek dreams of a trip to Venice. The outbreak of WWII, however, cuts short his fantasies. Instead, he’s packed off to a tiny Polish village in the middle of nowhere to live with his aunts in their dilapidated villa. When the villa’s basement floods, Marek creates his own version of Venice while the aunts join him in his make believe world, until the realities of war intrude.