As a part of series of documentaries in the Polish Institute - "Poland - shortly".

Thursday 24 May 2012, 6:00 pm

Polish Institute

1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 15.


Poles and Hungarians know each other well and know a lot about themselves and their culture. But not always know the background of events or those people whose work is important part of Polish Culture. This time - for those who knows Polish or English - we want to bring closer some of these fascinating phenomena.

Screenings will be in Polish with English subtitles, for free.



Toys takes a look at the circumstances which shaped the imaginations of today's generation of Polish artists and designers

The life of a child in Poland is very much the same as the life of other children around the world. A typical day revolves around his or her life at home and at school. Even in the socialist era, recreational time was a period of unbridled ease, unaffected by the poor quality of toys or even the lack thereof. The toys available to Polish children were rather different from the toys lavished upon youngsters in the West. Simple, cheaply made of inferior materials, or perchance a gift from abroad or replica of a western toy produced locally by craftsmen. Quite often these were toys made by the children themselves or a relative. 

What has a greater impact on a child's development - a room full of expensive toys or perhaps no toys at all? Is a child's imagination stimulated to a greater extent by complex electronic inventions or, rather, a simple radio receiver the child has made on his or her own?

A comb and a few coins, an elastic band, a few bottle caps... Even the metal frame for beating rugs filled in for the monkey bars of the West was a source of recreation, social initiation and learning. It all marks a distinct anthropological link between the phenomenon of today's creative minds and the scarcity of toys growing up.

Production: Adam Mickiewicz Institute, 2011
Direction: Andrzej Wolski, Screenplay: Andrzej Wolski, Stanisław Tym

The film is part of the Guide to the Poles - a series of documentary films produced within the framework of the International Cultural Programme of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council in 2011