Beats of Freedom


As a part of series of documentaries in the Polish Institute - "Poland - shortly".

Thursday 10 May 2012, 6:00 pm

Polish Institute

1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 15.


Poles and Hungarians know each other well and know a lot about themselves and their culture. But not always know the background of events or those people whose work is important part of Polish Culture. This time - for those who knows Polish or English - we want to bring closer some of these fascinating phenomena.

Screenings will be in Polish with English subtitles, for free.

Beats of Freedom” is told through the eyes of Chris Salewicz, a British journalist of Polish heritage, who seeks to tell the story of the sounds that gave people a taste of freedom in an otherwise constrained and censored society. The film, created for the occasion of Poland’s EU Presidency, is directed by Leszek Gnoiński and Wojciech Słota and is the first installment in the Guide to the Poles series.

The narrative traces several plots, beginning with Chris Salewicz'smeeting with three individuals who were essential to the burgeoning rock music scene. Tomek Lipiński, frontman for the groups 'Tilt' and 'Brygada Kryzys', manager and journalist Piotr Nagłowski, and photographer and historian Mirek Makowski. The three recounted their stories about the meaning behind the music of those times, along with descriptions of what Poland was like life for the everyday man - all against the background of the history of the past half century. Interviews and archive materials compose a broad vision of the Polish struggle for political, social and individual freedoms.