Akademia Ruchu: Clearly in Silence


Outdoor Performance by Theatre Academy of Movement at the finisage of Art on Lake. The official program of the Polish presidency.

Sunday 4 September 2011, 8:30 pm

City Park, Millennium Bridge, near Vajdahunyad Castle


Akademia Ruchu was created in Warsaw in 1973. Wojciech Krukowski was a founder of the group and remains its artistic director. Since its beginnings Akademia Ruchu has been known as the ’theater of behavior’ and visual narration. Akademia Ruchu is a creative group which works at the edge of variety of artistic disiplines - theater, the visual arts, performance art and film.

Movement, space and the social message are characteristic of all creative process undertaken by Akademia Ruchu. This derives from the conviction that artistic radicalism and a social message are not mutually exclusive.

Through its work in open city spaces, which has been regular and continous since 1974 (approximately 500 spectacles, events and street happening), Akademia Ruchu has become Poland’s premier example of a creative group which functions outside the official realm of the cult of the arts, in ’non-artistic’ space: the streets, residential homes, industrial zones. In turn, the elements of everyday life which Akademia Ruchu transfers into the ’hallowed’ realm of art (the stage, the gallery) have enriched its anthropological vision without compromising its aesthetic vision.

Akademia Ruchu has presented its works in nearly all the countries of Europe, in both Americas and in Japan, during international tours and at theatrical festivals of significance  (including World Theater Festivals in Caracas and Nancy, the Festiwale Kaaitheater in Brussels, the Chicago International Theater Festival, the LIVE Art Festival in Glasgow). Akademia Ruchu has also performed its works in many galleries and places for the presentation of visual arts (among  others, DOCUMENTA 8 in Kassel, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, the Museum for Contemporary Arts PS1 in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in Yokohama).