Bruno Schulz


A Treatise on Mannequins or the Second Book of Genesis

Tuesday 24 May 2011, 7:00 pm

Artus Studio

Budapest, XI., Sztregova u. 7.

A Treatise on Mannequins or the Second Book of Genesis

Kompánia Theatre company

Director: Krzysztof Żyliński
2nd director: Lukács László
Actors: Lukács László, Mayer Zita, Mózes Zoltán, Hantos Násfa, Kemény Rozália, Szalay Henrietta, Lukács Mihály
Visual artists: Soňa Bellérová, Börcsök Anna, Lukács Máté, Zsabokorszky Lili
Music: Michał Wawrzyniak, Lukács László, Heppes Miklós, Alföldy Anna


A world beyond time and space

 Where one and the same space determines the town, the home, the mother’s house, or the most hidden chamber of one’s soul and solitude. A space where time loses its historically linear meaning.

There exist only here and now. A world without aggression, anger and war. As you cannot be angry with somebody you know well, whose „name” you know. His/her real name. You can hurt without giving offence. You can kill without killing. This is a world without love and emotions. Here love means the pure truth of the body, without compromise. The truth of physiology. The emotions are substituted by one’s fascination towards their own attempts to break out, their failures, break-downs and collapses. There are secrets that enthrall and bewitch you. Mysterious, silent relations with things and pet animals. Here the voice of a bird moves you just as much as the idea of freedom. The meaning of life is to outlive another day, dream „a different world.” Dream of knights, hero acts, long journeys. Journeys identical with the world of circus, that appears from time to time, and brings up “real” feelings. It awakens the sexuality, the intimacy and the dreams hidden deep inside the hole of loneliness.


All is illuminated by the light of „Crazy Diamond”.

Here? Now?