UŻYTKOWNIA or place of used up time


Performance of Theatre of One Poem in Merlin Theatre

Sunday 22 May 2011, 6:30 pm

Theatre Merlin Budapest

V., Gerlóczy u. 4.

Cast: Krzysztof Wodziński
direction - Krzysztof Żyliński
music - TJW


 Note From the Director

We introduce universal and allegorical picture. Vision and idea of man, without history, without plot!


Me – TIMER, physically and mentally healthy, in front of witnesses – imaginary and real ones, I’m leaving to my heirs:

-          moved by my strength and helplessness lost in my spaces – I’m leaving time!


-          past time, whose memories are so horrible that I will be happy to get rid of them, I leave it to tough men and realists – fifty-fifty!

-          The wasted time I’m leaving to the incurable who will appreciate its value – because they have no choice!

-          The superior time I’m leaving – in whole – to those who are entangled in their vanity!

-          Present time I’m leaving in peace!

-          Lack of time, which is my shame, the dark side of me, I will give to anybody who wants it!

-          It is not true that time is money – I know something about it!

-          “not yet” time I’m leaving to the lonely and the homeless let it be their hope!

     Future time I’m dividing between the naïve dreamers and those who are burning in their faith – for their own sake! 



Krzysztof Żyliński