A special public art project

Monday 13 September, 9:00 am — Friday 31 December 2010

Among many cultural Chopin events dedicated to the highly esteemed composer's  200th birthday , we have tried to enrich his admirers with cultural experiences such as concerts, exhibitions and  web quizzes. We have decided to  have decided to share our joy with the wide audience by initiating an outdoor event , namely by extending the zebra crossing in the corner of Andrassy Road and Nagymezo street with a huge piano keyboard designed by artists Helena Czermek and Klara  Jankiewicz, winners of a tender published in 2008 by Bec Zmiana foundation  for the promotion of Warsaw in cooperation with the faculty of Industrial Model Designing at the Academy of Fine Arts.


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    MR3Bartók_Rádió_Bolla Milán riportja_zebrazongora.MP3 | download