Polish Dance Theatre: Carpe Diem 6. Hungarian Dance Festival Győr

Tuesday 24 June 2008, 9:00 pm

Győri Nemzeti Színház

Polish Dance Theatre: Carpe Diem

24 June 2008, 19.00

6. Hungarian Dance Festival

concept and choreography: Ewa Wycichowska
music: Leszek Możdżer, Astor Piazzolla
stage design and costumes: Maria Balcerek
premiere: 28.01.2000.
duration: 80 minutes

The theme which inspired realisators of performance reach not only Shakespeare's motives with the fascinating figure of Lady Macbeth, but also ancient myth about Medea and present day events.
However we are not interested in the history and apotheosis of the crime. Drama and strangeness of human life is in this performance the point of exit to reflection about the idea of being good and evil, about one person and a group, responsibility for everything what one is doing and the wisdom to forgive, also today.
Dance in this performance is not only the way of expression but also the way of understanding to each other. The key is tango motive, the dance of passion, the Theatre of our soul, the knot of sacrum and profanum.

Tango with Lady M. is also our proposition to talk, to say that the end of the century is not the end of our common, individual world.
Polish Dance Theatre was laureate of the Hetman's Bulaw Prize for the best performance at the Zamość Theatre Summer 2001.

Tickets: 1.800 Ft, 2.200 Ft, 2.500 Ft