Teatr Bretoncaffe SLAM.IN contemporary dance performance

Wednesday 23 April 2008, 10:30 pm

SÍN, Budapest, XVIII. Lenkey u. 17-19.

Teatr Bretoncaffe


23 April 2008, 20.30 hrs

contemporary dance performance

III. Gesztus Fesztivál
SÍN Cultural Centre
Budapest, XVIII. Lenkey u. 17-19.

The idea of the show comes from the fashionable artistic phenomena joining together elements of poetry, theatre, performance art and often live music. The idea of slam is not really known in Poland, however the company finds it very important, fascinating and understands it as a kind of certain 'live poetry' seeking for direct contact with the viewer. Out of this fascination comes out the performance. We are investigating in it a mixture of dance, text and live music and we do reflect that way on the relation between performers and the audience. The important element of the show is also a rapport of body and word - the interplay of them. In a word becomes a part of music and thus becomes also an element of dance. Impulses are traveling from word to movement and the other way around - gesture initiates the speech. The composition of the show is a complex play of relations between many elements.