Komuna Otwock DESIGN/GROPIUS, PERECHODNIK/BAUMAN Merlin Theatre, Budapest

Thursday 1 November 2007, 8:00 pm

Merlin, Budapest

"Komuna Otwock"


1 November 2007, 19.00
Merlin Theatre, 1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4

Komuna Otwock

performance-art action group

KOMUNA OTWOCK was established in 1989
– creates performances, theatre actions and happenings.
– realizes multi-disciplinary projects which go beyond traditional artistic spheres.
– organizes concerts, exhibitions, talks, speaking tours and social actions.
– is also a sporadic publisher of booklets and magazines on many subjects and operator of independent galleries.
K.O.`s performances and actions are collective creations with social message, designed to reflect the state of society`s social conscience, encourage self-analysis and act as a spur to action. These are blends of music, video and dramatic staging on the fringe of dance theatre and performance art.

Komuna Otwock is called theatre of movement, complemented with multimedia images and sophisticated live music on a stage. The texts, pictures and movies are always presented for the audience on screens. In 15 years of performing Komuna Otwock has been variously described as "alternative", "political", and "guerilla".

Trilogy "Why there will be no revolution" is a long term project (started in 2001) of creating performances searching the answer on a question "why the world do not change?". The presentation of all three parts during one evening was premiered in October, 2006 in Warsaw.

Famous Polish art critic, Roman Pawlowski (from "Gazeta Wyborcza"), concluded after seeing Trilogy: "The performances of Komuna Otwock are the most political manifestations of Polish theatre - not only as a warning against ideologies but against being inactive as well."

Each of the three shows is held in a different style. In "Design/Gropius", an unauthorized biography of the Bauhaus founder, the fascination with precise minimalism and theatre No is seen.
"Perechodnik/Bauman"is an energetic and rhythmical motion theatre, entirely washed from emotion, which describing drastic fates of a ghetto fugitive.
"Future of the world", a story referring to the legend of Rote Armee Fraktion, the leftist German terrorist group, is a mix of theatre and electro concert


"Komuna Otwock"
1 November 2007, 19.00
Merlin Theatre, 1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4
1500,- Ft - students, seniors