Sarakina concert balkan-ethno-jazz

Saturday 12 March 2005, 8:00 pm

Szentendre, Városháza

This young, Polish-based ensemble plays Macedonian, Bulgarian and other Balkan music with a charged energy, a flair for jazz and folk alike, and the curiosity of non-natives discovering a secret code. the trio plays kaval, accordion, bagpipe, bass and tambura. The musicianship is first-rate, the tunes are mostly original, but owe a lot to the traditions that have influenced these players, and the arrangements are subtle yet inventive.
Cliff Furnald (RootsWorld)

"After hearing this recording, I was totally fascinated with the ability of the musicians to bring the genre of traditional folk music to the form of sophisticated concert performance. It takes musicians of a high professionalism to be able to do that. All the musicians appearing on this recording are that - professionals in what they do. Their professionalism covers all the areas of this recording, beginning with the choice of the pieces, marvellous arrangements, superior performance, excellent sound quality and engineering, and ending with the very good quality and design of the CD cover."
Tania Lukic-Marx (Accordions Worldwide)

Jacek Grekow - accordion, bagpipe, kaval – Bulgarian flute
Jan Mlejnek - clarinet, tambura (Bulgarian guitar)
Bartosz Mlejnek - double bass

Weronika Grozdew (vocals)
and Bartosz Zwolski (tarambuka)

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