Piotr Wandycz - "The Price of Freedom: A History of East Central Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present" Book launch of the Hungarian translation

Tuesday 22 February 2005, 6:00 pm

Ceske Centrum. Budapest, Szegfű u. 4.

Piotr S. Wandycz, who has written extensively on various aspects of the history of east-central Europe, brings to this volume an unequaled command of the subject matter, a sense of balance, and judicious reserve. Beginning with an assessment of the region's medieval heritage and a discussion of its contributions to the Renaissance and the Reformation, the author skillfully leads the reader through the upheavals of the seventeenth century and comments on the impact of the French enlightenment, all along comparing and contrasting developments in Bohemia, Poland, and Hungary.

(Helmut J. Schmeller, Fort Hays State University)