Michal Walczak: The sand-pit


Michal Walczak: The sand-pit drama - reading rehearsal

Friday 28 January 2005, 8:00 pm

Merlin Theatre, Budapest

"The sand-pit" drama by Michał Walczak, a young Polish playwright.
Reading rehearsal at Merlin Theatre (in Hungarian)

The Polish theatre has recently known a real inflation of documentary, almost journalistic plays, which present directly cruel facts, taken out of newspapers and news, and bringing about a certain saturation because of this fact, a situation when facts, no matter how tough they were, they didn't communicate any reflection or emotion. Walczak's play goes a step forward and transgresses this cruel reality without overlooking it, but endowing it with metaphorical values. Two young people having communication problems, a young man-a TV and Batman-addict - without being capable to express himself otherwise than using the language of these movies, and a young girl nostalgically carrying a doll everywhere- meet and start learning to communicate together in a sand-pit - possibly a symbol of childhood and lost innocence.
(from the essay of Alexandra Rembowska)