Independent Poland in film and music


Polish jazz music, movies of the 1930s and the exhibition at the historic Budaors Airport are the June events that form part of an extremely important anniversary for Poland – regaining independence in November 1918.

Saturday 2 June — Sunday 3 June 2018

Budaörsi repülőtér

1112 Budapest, Kőérberki utca 36.

Hungary is one of the dozen countries that will celebrate this unique event together with Poland. On this occasion, in an unusual setting - at the first airport in Hungary there will be an event referring to the culture prevailing in the interwar period.


The films represent the most important titles of Polish cinematography of that period, the 100nka band will play, among others, music of the 1930s, dominated by jazz avant-garde and the exhibition shown: "Budaors airport - a step towards modernity" will show the aspirations of modern societies that emerged after the First World War to be modern.

All this in the atmosphere of spring picnic.



Time: 2-3 June 2018

Location: Budaors Airport

1112 Budapest,
Kőérberki út 36/a.




June 2nd

15:30 Event opening

16:00 Film “Is Lucyna a Girl?” (1934), 75 min

After becoming a licensed engineer abroad, Lucyna (Jadwiga Smosarska)comes back to Poland and looks for a job. Because her wealthy father thinks it's inappropriate for a girl to work, she decides to put on men's clothes and get a job as Julian Kwiatkowski. Once instated, she uses her feminine charm to provoke her colleagues.

18:00  Film "Ada, Behave yourself!"  (1936), 82 min

A side-splitting musical comedy with songs by Jerzy Jurandot (lyrics) and Zygmunt Wiehler (music). "Nie kochać w taką noc to grzech" [It's a sin not to love the night like tonight] and "Ada, Behave Yourself" are songs that still enjoy a great popularity and are sung both by professionals in cabarets and theaters, as well as amateurs at holiday picnics. One of the leading roles is played by Antoni Fertner, the patriarch among the Polish comedians, endowed with an incredible vis comica, and as his unruly daughter is impersonated by the talented Loda Niemirzanka. Great music, amazing dialogues and the top quality pre-war humor.

20:00 100nka (jazz concert)


June 3rd 

15:00 Film “Forgotten melody” (1938), 82 min      

A love story between Stefan, the nephew of a music teacher, and Helenka, the daughter of a wealthy cosmetics industry entrepreneur. Her father remembers the recipe for a new soap thanks to a catchy tune composed by Stefan.


17:00  Film “The Ball stands” (1939), 104 min

One of the film's themes is related to the stay of a young employee of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw. The Warsaw shots were filmed in August 1939 shortly before the outbreak of the war. In the August sun we watch Saski Square, the Saxon Palace, the Brühl Palace and the Belvedere Palace.



See you there!


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