REPOSITION - contemporary art exhibition in LATARKA Gallery


Thursday 5 October, 7:00 pm — Thursday 2 November 2017

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út. 32


Contemporary art exhibition in LATARKA Gallery

Opening October 5th at 7 pm.

Opening speech by Szilágyi Róza Tekla art historian

Artists: Zsófia Magdolna Nagy, Benjámin Pelcz, Erik Tollas

Blurring boundaries has always been a delicate domain. However, it has had its constant timing and role in art. And, especially, right where freedom is even free, plenty of limitations appear. Surprisingly, our exhibiting artists feel it in their bones how to hover among the conventions that would restrain them. In the painted, expanding objects that become spatial, and in the installations that move on plain surface, the artists present some found objects or ideas by their abstractive techniques. These thoughts are eye-openers; they draw people's attention in order to present Duchamp's attitude that the public took in. The question arises: when and how does a readymade become a work of art? Even Arthur C. Danto, Octavio Paz, Thierry de Duve & Didi Huberman confirmed that this is a serious dilemma. The participating artists reposition forms and thoughts that already have a meaning for all of us. Nevertheless, we have never posed a question this way, regarding their existence.

Zsófia Magdolna Nagy (1989)
The frame that bounds the image and the frame of the boundaries of the picture  –  these are the starting points of my artwork. The body of my molded, monochrome canvases was shaped into a framework; the classic canvas remained as a carrier. Later, some pieces of a chair became the components of my framework. The constructions created this way landed somewhere on the thin line between painting and installation.

Benjámin Pelcz (1988)
My artworks reflect on all the everyday phenomena observed by people. I use the new, contemporary sculpture techniques but I stayed traditional at the same time – it depends of the theme of the artwork. As for me, the newest spatial, sculptural artworks are more like objects used for making installations; they disregard the traditional approach of the concept of a statue. Sometimes I break the continuity of my typically constructive and minimalist works with some gesture elements. The frame of the object of the composition is simplified to its basic elements, this way it leaves all the unimportant details behind that are unnecessary to give form to the concept.

Erik Tollas (1981)
I am interested in the visual and conceptual presence of visibility and invisibility. I have been examining the gipsy wear recently. My artworks are defined by lost & found objects and the structured marks made by brush trace; the combinations of colours transform the whole picture, therefore the artwork change itself to be interpreted in another context.

On view till November 2nd