Wednesday 30 August, 7:00 pm — Thursday 28 September 2017

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út. 32




Exhibition of Simon Péter Bence in Platan Gallery


Opening on August 30th at 7pm

Opening speech by Júlia Fabényi art historian, director of the Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art


Péter Bence Simon’s experiments lead him to the border-territory of literature, visual art and design. He is searching for interaction between picture and type, analysing connceting points, blending the borderline.

Experimenting with intereference, re- and transcoding of the letter-form. Never seen letters, text-like pictures, type-structures were born. They did not follow any syntactic or semantic relations.

In his analysis he is methodically progresses forward, with system-building intentions and predetermined (programmatic) steps built on one another. He documents every step, and visually evaluate the results, that’s how his TYPE_BREAK letter form fragments come to life.

His roots are the sixties diffuse and dinamic process of the concrete poetry,

particularly from the works of polish concrete poetry’s huge personality Stanisław Dróżdż. The complex integration of  type and picture is an important aspect for both artists. According to Dróżdż the concrete poem makes the words autonomus. The concrete poetry not just writes down the word, rather than writes with the word. He integrates science and art (literature and visual arts). He speaks about his works as “concept-forms”, where he combines linguistic forms with mathematic systems.


On view till September 28th

Andrássy út 32. Platan Gallery