Friday 30 June, 7:00 pm — Wednesday 23 August 2017



Vernissage: 30th June 2017   /  7 pm


The exhibition deals with the city's life, its challenges, its contradictions and the social, architectural and artistic expressions that derive therefrom. The man in the built environment is in the focus of the interest of artists invited to the exhibition. Most of the Earth's population lives and looks for happiness and works in urban space. These sites are either spontaneously created or designed by architects and then transformed into human use. The works focus on exciting contexts, showing interesting urban characters. These characters often create their own inner world, even if they are living in the world's biggest cities … these private metropolises are able to tolerate everyday life, to give shelter in to a parallel universe.


Artists: Barakonyi Zsombor, Kerekes Gábor, Mayer Éva, Szatmári Gergely


Curators: Tomasz Piars, István Barsony, Ákos Esse Bánki


LATARKA Gallery  / Budapest, Andrássy út 32.

Open until 23th August 2017