SOLITUDE IS A DELUSION / Polish - Hungarian contemporary art exhibition in LATARKA


Wednesday 22 March, 7:00 pm — Saturday 22 April 2017

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út. 32


Polish – Hungarian contemporary art exhibition in LATARKA Gallery

Exhibition is a part of the program of Budapest ART WEEK’17 and Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day 2017

Opening: 22th March, 19.00


PL Katarzyna Dyjewska, Leszek Margasiński, Marta Nadolle, Magdalena Pela, Agnieszka Zabrodzka

HU Bazsik Anna, Dobó Bianka, Esse Bánki Ákos, Gál Florentina, Háth Nóra, Heiszmann Bernadett, Horváth Dániel, Juhos Antal, Kazsik Marcell, Kiss Botond, Magyari Zsuzsa, Máté Anna, Oberfrank Luca

Curators: Kaja Werbanowska, Tomasz Piars

 “Solitude is a delusion. Man’s thoughts always wander around other people and connect them with their fate, which they attempt to push away, but in vain” – words of a Polish writer and a publicist – Zofia Nałkowska. Is it really like that? It is believed that solitude is a civilization disease of our times, and although we are living in a world determined by number of “likes”, hearts, facebook friends and followers, we forget about what is most important – a relation with another person.

This in the emotional state which we can find today in works of many young generation artists. Solitude perceived in many dimensions and on many levels is interpreted by them in various ways, and therefore – differently depicted. We notice it in abstractions, characters’ stratification – where a human being serves as a staffage, as well as in an apparently ordinary words heard somewhere in the street. The exhibition “Solitude is a delusion”/ “Isolated” is a presentation of works of five Polish painters of the youngest generation: Katarzyna Dyjewska, Leszek Margasiński, Marta Nadolle, Magdalena Pela and Agnieszka Zabrodzka. The artists chosen for this exhibition presented their individual exhibitions in Galeria Promocyjna in the 2015/2016 season. What connects them, besides the undertaken theme, is Fine Arts education and the form they use. What differs them is their style, the way they look at the world and how they depict it. The aim of the exhibition is to show how varied are the works of young Polish artists who manage to create their own artistic language in this difficult time for art.

Katarzyna Dyjewska, while painting at the sideline of abstraction, frames real or imaginary architectural space. She analyzes solitude and emptiness which surround a contemporary man. Sometimes those are real places, and on other occasions they are fictional. Marta Nadolle creates a kind of a “diary” in her paintings, where mostly she plays the main part. She writes down her own observations, frames scenes taken from her life giving them relevant comments (“I’m NOT happy alone”, “They’ll say I impose myself on them”, “Maybe if at least I had a dog here”). Magdalena Pela, by contrast, consequently creates a propriety series called “all-over”. In her paintings she examines the structure of the crowd – she stratifies the figures of people/signs. Agnieszka Zabrodzka focuses on painting landscapes. They are not ordinary landscapes, though. Through changes in composition, dark colors and giving a person a role of a staffage she makes us see something magical in her works. Leszek Margasiński illustrates the problem of abundance in today’s world by abstract painting.

Each artist presented on the exhibition, as well as the receiver, interprets solitude in their own way.

Duration: 22 March – 22 April

LATARKA Gallery, Andrássy út 32.