Friday 6 May, 7:00 pm — Thursday 26 May 2016

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út. 32


Opening on May 6th at 7pm.

The following exhibition is an experiment that will try to examine the origin and the structural and theoretical role of the LINE in contemporary art. The line is one of the most atomic tool of the visual arts. We make a selection among different art method and mediums, how artists of nowdays use lines to create messages and artworks. The exhibition presents the aestethic and the structural role of the lines in the contemporary art. With this selection we try to answer the question: how far we are from the prehistoric rock carvings? However the basic role of the line in arts changed or not?

Artists: Kerekes Gábor, Bálványos Levente, Wahorn András, Szíj Kamilla, Orbán Előd, Haász Kati, Fukui Yusuke, Fillenz Ádám, Horváth Lóczi Judit, Vécsei Júlia, Barabás Zsófi, Frank O. Gehry, Koppányi Péter, Konok Tamás, Hencze Tamás, Molnár Zsolt

Opening speech: Monika Zsikla, arthistorian

Curator: Istvan Barsony, architect

On view till May 26th.