Trzaska/Harnik/Brandlmayr Trio (PL/A) - Polska Jazz


An extraordinary concert on the scene of Opus Jazz Club.

Wednesday 16 March 2016, 9:00 pm

Opus Jazz Club / BMC

1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.

Elisabeth Harnik - piano
Mikołaj Trzaska - saxophone
Martin Brandlmayr - drums

An Austrian-Polish trio; While travelling far, moving across different worlds, Martin and Mikołaj met in St. Petersburg in 2007 during the SKIF Festival; Mikołaj met Elizabeth in Chicago in 2008, at the Jazz Umbrella Festival. Their secret dream to play a concert together, however, came to life as late as 2013, when they performed on the Strenge Kammer stage at the Viennese Porgy and Bess club. They have been touring regularly since then, mainly in Austria and Poland. Three strong personalities with vast experience, but varying in their approach to improvisation; special mission specialists, they have created a platform for their shared musical trip.

Mikołaj Trzaska is a clarinetist and composer from Gdańsk, co-founder of the yass scene, a Polish avant-garde movement from the break of the 1980s and 90s. He has composed a number of film scores, mostly for movies by the director Wojciech Smarzowski, and cooperated with many renowned musicians, including Lester Bowie, Peter Brotzmann, Joe McPhee, Ken Vandermark and many others.

Elizabeth Hernik, having graduated from the Piano Institute at the Graz University of Music and Performing Arts, began studying composition under Beata Furrera. While composing and playing various styles of improvised music, she has also performed as a singer.

Martin Brandlmayr is an Austrian drummer, composer, improviser and electronic artist. After completing his studies of percussion instruments at the University Of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, he joined three bands associated with the post-rock scene: Radian, Trapist, Kapital Band. The critics value his drumming, describing it as “spare and extremely precise”.

Below, a fragment of a review of the trio’s concert in Pardon To Tu, Warsaw, 07.07.2014:

“If I had to choose the “top 3” of this year’s performances at Pardon To Tu, my choice would inevitably include the Monday stunt by Mikołaj Trzaska, Elizabeth Harnik and Martin Brandlmayr. Three personalities who grew up within slightly different traditions, found a common denominator in improvised music, which links the artists’ sensitivities to an absolutely spectacular effect. The combination of a post-industrial, quasi-mechanical, one-man rhythmical section with Trzaska’s intense saxophone playing and Harnik’s unconventional, creative style, gave rise to a very original, yet coherent effect, obviously well-considered on the intuitive level. Each of the musicians present on stage was like a highly reactive chemical substance, their personalities – a natural catalyst of creative energy. Although their collaboration has merely began, there’s no doubt that Harnik, Brandlmayr and Trzaska could lecture many groups of improvisers with a much longer history of touring on how to band together on stage. Their mutual understanding is clearly aided by rich imagination and a lack of dominating tendencies, which resulted in a very loose, yet consistent performance, allowing both exchanges of blows in a duet, as well as incidental solo feats.

 Krzysztof  Wójcik