Transparent Sound 2016 New Music Festiwal. A concert inspired by the works of John Cage

Friday 8 January 2016, 7:00 pm

Trafó Big Hall

Budapest, IX. Liliom u. 41.


Can you make music with a table? Yes! But will a whole concert of music made with a table still be exciting? YES! Although, of course, it does depend on the quality of the table and the abilities of the performers….
Rather than being specific when it comes to defining their music, the interdisciplinary ensemble KARBIDO, formed in 2003 in Wrocław, Poland, create and mix up their own unique musical puzzles. They play with audience expectations, opening the door to both cautious listeners and energetic optimists who like driving at full speed on uneven ground. KARBIDO has performed all over Europe, as well as in Australia and Hong Kong.  Their shows are enthusiastically received wherever they perform.
The group's performances and publications bring together music, film, theatre, architecture and literature. While the four members of the group are percussionists, their basic instrument is ‘The Table’. ‘The Table’ is a unique sound-producing device, in the form of a wooden table measuring 125x125x90 cm, whose pinewood substructure supports a maple tabletop that resembles, construction-wise, an African balafon.
The crucial feature of this musically advanced piece of furniture is its amplification: through a system of contact piezoelectric microphones, guitar pickups and traditional microphones, the instrument transmits 24 separate signals to a mixing console, whether further modifications and processing takes place.
Owing to this technological enhancement, ‘The Table’ may be used both as a rhythmic and melodic instrument, and can also be played by touching the board or rubbing one of its edges with a bow and amplifying the resulting sound (macrophonia). A sui generis installation of microphones turns the Table into a sound amplifier, conducive to both experimentation and sound-production.
The formation's focus has been to pinpoint ‘new rules of the game’,  as well as create flexible guidelines and frameworks for improvisations. Their key inspiration is the works of John Cage (1912-1992), and as a result the project has evolved into an artistic dialogue between KARBIDO and Cage's methods of composition.
The latest version of ‘The Table’ is, like the original, an exciting journey into the unknown, this time for both the audience and the performers. Or perhaps for both the listeners and the authors. Or maybe simply for whoever is curious. Yeah, mostly for them.
 Igor Gawlikowski
 maot [Marek Otwinowski]
 Tomasz Sikora
 Michał Litwiniec