Ostańce Próśb


Remnants of Prayers is a large-scale project that aims to document the chosen sacred objects from Poland, Norway and Iceland and to familiarize people with them.

Friday 17 July 2015, 5:00 pm

Polish Institute


It is a continuation of the undertaking Save the National Heritage that ended in 2011 but now it considers a bigger territory and a bigger number of investigated objects.

Within the project Remnants of Prayers, planned for 2013 – 2016, we would like to document thoroughly, visually and ethnographically, at least 1500 sacred objects: roadside shrines from Kociewie, Żuławy, Powiśle, Southern Kashubia and the Słowiński Lake District as well as Icelandic and Norwegian churches. We are planning to take photos of the objects and realize documentary films and additionally do terrain interviews, in the audio version as well.

Our research team responsible for making the documentation consist of a photographer and two ethnographers whose aim is to find as many shrines as possible, learn about their origin, find their authors and define the role that these shrines play in life of local communities. All these will let us investigate the animation character of the objects and specify their potential in creating history of the region.

Next, we are heading towards North Europe. We are going to watch how our partners from Norway and Iceland work. We know that they have access to a large museum documentation of sacred objects and that they have an extensive policy of promoting the cultural heritage. We would like to benefit from their experience, initiate an international and intergenerational dialogue.



  • Riksantikvaren
  • Nasjonalbiblioteket
  • Fortidsminneforeningen
  • Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo


  • National Museum of Iceland
  • Gerduberg
  • Reykjavik City Museum

More: www.ostanceprosb.pl and www.kapliczki.pl