HELLO WOOD Project Village 2015


Polish Moomoo, selected into the group of 30 best young architect offices in the world by Wallpaper Magazine, is one of those European offices delegating designers to join Hello Wood creative camp in Hungary’s Csórompuszta as workshop leaders.

Saturday 11 July — Sunday 19 July 2015

A few word about Momoo Architects:

As the only one office from Poland Momoo has been awarded as one of 30 best young architects office in the world. ARCHITECTS DIRECTORY WALLPAPER 2009 

All designs in the office are prepared in cooperation with qualified professionals. International experience allows us to develop private, commercial or housing projects in Poland and abroad.

More: moomoo.pl

About Hello Wood

Hello Wood is a multicultural, multidisciplinary art program. It is most known for its one week long creative camp in the summer, where the well-known and acknowledged professionals and artists share their knowledge and experience with talented young people. The installations created in the camp have two things in common: they are mostly made of wood and social engagement intertwining with art is essential part of it. Hello Wood integrates scientific and artistic areas, builds community and searches talent. It not only brings students and teachers together overreaching country borders but also connects everyday people with the creating designers.

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