Exhibition of Przemek Matecki


Exhibition of Przemek Matecki. Artists cooperates with RASTER Gallery in Warsaw. Opening 13th May, 19.00 On view till 18th June Platan Gallery

Wednesday 13 May, 7:00 pm — Thursday 18 June 2015

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út. 32

Matecki defined himself as an “easel painter.” This old-fashioned sounding definition indicates the important point of reference that is the traditional understanding of the work of an artist. At the exhibition are to be found paintings made principally over recent months and drawings created over the last several years, impulsively, in short time frames.

In recent months, Matecki has been searching, both in terms of the compositions and method of his painting, for that which does not close a painting, but rather opens it up. The gesture of rubbing colours with a palette knife, through its repetition makes it possible to expand the structure of a work to infinity, and at the same time to concentrate on the compositions of colour. The all-encompassing decorative form spilling out over successive canvases contains both a familiar banality and a utopian striving to describe the world.

 The most classical themes – natures mortes, portraits, landscapes, iconic paintings known from history of art textbooks – could be confused with drawings emerging in the frame of a painting group. An “easel painter” concerned with colour, gesture and the relation between canvas and colour reveals his drawings, sketches and trials. They enable one to get to know not only the everyday work of the artist, but also his obsessionally recurring inspirations.

Beyond painting and drawing, Matecki also engages in the quick, but unusually attentive observation of lifestyle magazines. The photographs he retrieves from them he changes with one line or a few smudges. Without the slightest effort in the glare of colourful photos are to be found humorous or disturbing contents. He creates a subtle alternative reality – somewhat contestatory, but not destructive. It is a gesture of somewhat opening a window. On the question of how wide it is opened, of how much of the external light is allowed inside, of what is reflected in the mirror and then later painted, it is sometimes he who decides and sometimes chance or a short-lived curiosity.


 Przemysław Matecki was born in 1976 in Żagań. He finished the Artistic Lyceum that was important in his biography in Cieplice, and obtained his higher education at the Institute of the Visual Arts at the University of Zielona Góra. He has been living and working for 10 years in Warsaw. He collaborates with the Raster Gallery in Warsaw and Carlier │Gebauer in Berlin.


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