Dallos Ádám: Butcher's Jewel


A kiállítást megnyitja: Csehy Zoltán író, költő, műfordító

Thursday 19 March 2015, 7:00 pm

Platán Galéria

Andrássy út 32.

Adam ​Dallos ​

is noted as one of the most characteristic painters from the young generation of Hungarian artists. In 2010 his large-scale nude paintings of young men were selected and exhibited at Ars Homo Erotica, in the National Museum of Warsaw, bringing him international reputation.

Later - as a strange company - mysterious, stiffened-like huge birds; peacocks, black swans or vultures appeared next to the naked male, surrounded by storm and slowly as an organic development the paintings became hypertrophic and crowded bird catalogs. This strange list of animals gave no choice to the human but disappear by getting involved into these creatures' body or leave.  This catalog as a representation of the stoned corpses inducates somehow an undefined tensity on the canvas using the body like a memorial place to imprison this cruelly beautiful inner conquest to the organism where the metamorphosis happened.

The Butcher's Jewel is a selection of Dallos' newest paintings. Crystalloid pieces of meat next to half plucked swans; corpse of peacocks,pheasants and dead rabbits lying in a queue: one after an other. These unrecognisable, still half-hairy and feathery bodies are degrading isolated as revealed internal organs to become a collection of sparkling jewel by time,  on the Butcher's table as a still life.​