Új együttműködés

Együttműködési egyezményt írt alá az Andrássy Gyula Budapesti Német Nyelvű Egyetem, a budapesti Lengyel Intézet, és a Lengyel Köztársaság Budapesti Nagykövetsége
24 June 2015

MIXDOOR - New Forms in Mixdoor Performing Arts Practices

New Forms in Mixdoor Performing Arts Practices is a combined intercultural initiative, collaboration between art forms, artists and European countries.
12 May 2015

Professor Władysław Bartoszewski, Poland’s former diplomacy chief, dies

“It’s worth being decent,” used to say Professor Władysław Bartoszewski (1922-2015), former foreign minister, historian, writer, activist of the Polish Underground State, and former prisoner at the Auschwitz German Nazi concentration camp.
27 April 2015

Tadeusz Różewicz: White Marriage.

The guest performance of the polish Maska Teatr from Rzeszow at the Hungarian National Theatre.
18 April 2015

WAMP presents: Visegrád Design Market

With the arrival of spring WAMP starts its new season at Millenáris. The coolest design fair in Hungary welcomes visitors with nearly hundred designers at the first market of the year. This time beyond the well-known Hungarian artists, new creative talents from the Visegrád countries will be introduced as well.
22 March 2015