Graduation Projects


Exhibition of Polish, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak design students’ awarded graduation projects. Budapest Design Week 2014.

Saturday 4 October, 4:00 pm — Friday 14 November 2014

Polish Institute

Budapest 1065, Nagymező u. 15.

40 design graduation projects  - an exhibition of the most interesting and recent graphic ideas, objects, participatory and experimental design projects selected by 2+3d polish design magazine, Zamek Cieszyn (PL), Typo Magazine (CZ), 1977 Organization (SK) and Plusminus Visual Intellgience (HU)

Since 2005, diplomas are first presented at the exhibition in the Castle Cieszyn Design Center. 

Opened by: Ewa Gołębiowska, head of Zamek Cieszyn design center and Krisztina Somogyi researcher of visual communication

The exhibition is open till: 14th of November 2014

In partnership with Budapest Design Week 2014.


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