DuoDram/Piotr Lemańczyk Trio-Pieronczyk-Kochan


POLISH JAZZ FOR BUDAPEST 2013! The greatest musicians of the contemporary polish jazz scene.

Friday 8 November 2013, 8:00 pm

Budapest Music Center

Budapest, IX. Mátyás u. 8.

20:00 DuoDram

Sławek Jaskułke - piano
Piotr Wyleżoł - Fender Rhodes

The DuoDram project, a duet of Polish jazz pianists Sławek Jaskułke and Peter Wylezol exists since 2010. Their album was released in 2011 and had a very enthusiastic reception, followed by live concerts evoking lot of emotion and interest.

The term deriving from the theatre in this case describes a meeting of two personalities of the music world. A joint project of outstanding jazz pianists Slawek Jaskułke and Piotr Wyleżoł is a proof of the mature and conscious choice of paths of the two artists. A unique musical performance based on the dialogue between two musicians, joining jazz sound with sophisticated classics, peculiar madness of the brave form. The work surprises and moves, touches and inspires. It reaches the deepest recesses of the soul, fascinates and encourages to travel together into their world. Two instruments connected with one place, the two artists united in one music. This harmonious and ideal meeting of two worlds is the guarantor of the great event and the arts at the highest level.


21:30 Piotr Lemanczyk Trio feat. Adam Pieronczyk, Jacek Kochan

Piotr Lemanczyk - double bass
Adam Pieronczyk - saxophone
Jacek Kochan - drums


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