Attila Dóra (Budapest/MAMÜ) – Michał Dymny (Cracow) – Vasco Trilla (Barcelona)

Friday 26 April 2013, 8:00 pm


Budapest, VIII. Blaha Lujza tér 1.

DA - saxes, bassclarinet

Michał Dymny - electric guitar, objects

Vasco Trilla - drums, tabla


Dymny and Trilla are two improvisers with different backgrounds, styles and nationalities that fuse everything in a very personal way. From gentle and minimalist to very strong parts, they cover a wide palette of sounds. 

'Dóra's blowing into wild regions of our human subconscious, be it nighmarish or dreamlike, and anything in between.' (Stef Gijssels, freejazzblog.org)

MD & VT had released two albums on The Net Label Discordian Records, DA & MD on another three cd's by Audiotong and Magyar Műhely. (Process 2, Radical Poland lV Krakow, Overtime)

It's first time of three of them playing together on first concert by JazzaJ with serious media-artist Szigeti Gábor Csongor. 

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