Zbigniew Rybczyński workshop / master course


Event series organized by C³ Foundation.

Tuesday 16 October — Thursday 18 October 2012

The Doctoral Programme of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts

1063 Budapest, Bajza u. 30.

STATE OF IMAGES / Budapest events
16 October 2012 – 6 January 2013

The STATE OF IMAGES exhibition initiated by Siegfried Zielinski (Universität der Künste, Berlin) has been presented at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin and ZKM, Karlsruhe. The event series in Budapest presents the most important elements of the project at several venues with the cooperation of numerous institutions.

The path of the two artists Gábor Bódy (1946–1985) and Zbigniew Rybczyński (born in 1949, Wrocław) have never crossed. Their meeting was made possible by this prodigious exhibition presenting the oeuvres of the two artists in the context of each other’s work. The common elements of their oeuvre are the innovative, experimental attitude, commitment to visual research and unconventional approach to the nature of images.  Rybczyński writes: I feel that the current intellectual and technological state of the image can be compared to the state of writing before the invention of the printing press. (The Treatise on the Visual Image, 1.2.6.) According to Bódy The image is not a sign, or even an object. It is a process allied to meaning. (Infinite Image and Reflection) Their works are characterized by this cognitive attitude, which already brought them international success at the time of creation, and when rewatching their films and videos today, makes us recognize not only the pioneer role of their work but also the masterpieces that have stood the test of time.

Curators of STATE OF IMAGES: Piotr Krajewski (WRO Art Center, Wrocław) and Miklós Peternák (C³ Foundation, Budapest)
Contributors: Gosia Sobolewska, Éva Kozma, Malgorzata Gawlik
From the cooperating institutions:
Akademie der Künste, Berlin / Johannes Odenthal, Kerstin Diekmann, Daniela Obkircher
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin / János Can Togay, Kata Krasznahorkai
Polish Institute Berlin / Tomasz Dabrowski
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe / Peter Weibel, Bernhard Serexhe

More: http://stateofimages.c3.hu/budapest/index_en.html