Turcsány Villő (HU)/Wojciech Bajda (PL)


A special musical collaboration at the Sofa Budapest Art Projekt.

Sunday 21 October — Friday 26 October 2012

Budapest Architecture Centrum FUGA

Wojciech Bajda (PL) - clarinet/performance

Born in Przemysl, Poland. After classical studies in Switzerland and Germany he spezialized himself in the area of musical performance. He founded drabina 13, a place for contemporary art in Wroclaw (PL). Currently he lives in Marseille (F).

Villő Turcsány (HU) - flute/saxophone/performance

Studied as classical musician and sculptor. Since 2001 performances in public and theatre/exhibition spaces. Researches improvised forms of instrumental and physical presence. Current works include an installation based on sound and rhythm translated into space.



About Szófa Budapest:

Szófa Budapest is an art project that presents itself through six encounters over the course of a year, from autumn 2012 to autumn 2013. In each instance, two artists from the contemporary improvised music and performance scene will meet at regular intervals and present their collaborative efforts and ideas in the form of a performance or presentation. These events will take place in the Budapest Architecture Centrum FUGA. Afterwards, the invited guests will have the opportunity to work together for a week and then choose a suitable performance or exhibition venue to present the results. Advance notice of the performance/exhibition venue is deliberately not given. This concept allows the work in progress to take on its own dramatic sense. Budapest is synonymous with a liberated music and art scene that is characterised by its presence, colourfulness and, not least, by a high quality. Far away from fads and musical trends, cultural projects will always redefine themselves afresh. And that's where Szófa Budapest becomes involved: it makes contemporary creative endeavours experienceable, without being fettered by purpose or venue.

More: http://www.szofabudapest.com/?lang=en


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