The polish-ukrainian music formation at the Sziget Festival!

Friday 10 August 2012, 8:15 pm

Sziget Festival, Óbudai Island

photo: Radek Butłowicz


ČAČI VORBA ("cha-chee vor-bah"; "true speech" in Romani language) is a Polish-Ukrainian band specialised in the impulsive mixture of Gypsy, Carpathian and Balkan music. The group serves an acoustic fusion of ethnic music, jazz, modern Balkan wedding music and other genres compounds such as «Balkan twist», «Romanian rock'n'roll», «Roma swing», the band introduces crazy musical atmosphere of East-European wedding. By the series of prestigious European awards and commendations ČAČI VORBA has been rated among most abroad-honoured Polish and Ukrainian musical performers of 2010.

Musicians of ČAČI VORBA, by taking the pattern from the past Gypsy masters, cleverly smuggle several motives from different musical cultures. Moody Roma ballad interweaves with the Azer note and the French musette; the mythical story about «Carpathian Hercules» sounds, as if somehow Romanian cioban have listened with attention to cool jazz meanwhile oriental sounds from the suburbs of Bucharest in a strange way make someone thinking about salsa. According to

the principle that «the music knows no borders» ČAČI VORBA musically trawerses all over the Old Continent and arranges its sound-mosaic in their own way, right from the beginning. Although transforming traditional melodies of Roma, Hungarians, Slavs, Greeks and Middle East, ČAČI VORBA preserves their Dance dynamics. "JOC'N'ROLL" - as artist call their music by themselves, deriving from Romanian word «joc», which means - dance, play.