The Colors


The legendary polish music formation at the International Jazz Festival - Lamantin.

Thursday 28 June 2012, 9:00 pm


Szombathely, Fő tér

The Colors

About the band:

Scieranski - Maseli - Raduli - Kuczynski Quartet

The legendary Krzysztof Scieranski turned up in the 70' as the member of the Laboratorium band in Krakow and he soon became recognised as the number one Polish bass player. His distinguisable playing sounds like he was painting the time with colours of music.

Bernard Maseli is one of the most popular Polish musician and the best vibe player in Europe. He started off with the Walk Away band supporting Miles Davis during his tour all over Europe. Later he joined the Young Power Orchestra and lately he has been touring with the Globetrotters.

Marek Raduli is referred to as the mine of inspiration. First a drum player later he mastered the guitar. Some time ago he gave up pop scene and joined or better to say brought back himsel to a fusion and jazz-rock community.

About the festiwal

WIMA arranges the annual Lamantin Jazz Festival and Improvisation Camp since the year 2000. Grown enthusiatic by the success of previous festivals, we intend to expand to become a regional festival of West Pannonia Region. Great majority of musicians appearing on stage represent the "creme de la creme" of jazz/blues bands of Hungary and countries nearby, whereas one or two world-famous stars raise the dignity of the festival. We want to make more and more people familiar with these musical genres and also hope to stir up the town and its citizens. Therefore, bands playing more popular repertoire are also invited, ticket prices are kept low, and also, free open air concerts are held.

Also, other cultural and gastronomic programs are planned to contribute to the program of the LAMANTIN JAZZ FESTIVAL.