Concert of the avant garde music band in the Merlin Theatre on the occasion of Café Budapest – Contemporary Arts Festival.

Monday 10 October 2011, 7:30 pm

Merlin Theatre

Budapest, V. Gerlóczy u. 4.

Featuring: Agata Zubel, Cezary Duchnowski


ElettroVoce is the brilliant result of the cooperation of two Polish composers, who each have an individual approach to music. Agata Zubel and Cezary Duchnowski enchant their audiences with their timbres, their endless inventiveness as performers, their unceasing search for new directions. Essentially an avant-garde vocalist, Zubel is eager to explore new modes of expression for the singing voice, while Duchnowski is as committed to creating new arrangements for traditional instruments. Their combined effort, together with some help from the computer, invests the human voice with a particularly original power of expression and unheard-of possibilities.