Pink Freud


One of the most popular Polish jazzband on the A38.

Friday 30 September 2011, 9:00 pm

A38, Budapest

 © Photo by Zuza Krajewska & Bartek Wieczorek / Universal Music Poland


The outrageously good sound of Pink Freud hides inside their music both the traces of avantgarde jazz and deconstructed pop that they melt together into a uniquely mostruous great jazz journey. Their support act will be by the smaller version of the Moscow-located Deti Picasso band.

In 1998, four young and open-minded musicians from Gdańsk formed a group, which would explore new areas of improvisation. They named it Pink Freud. Pink Freud is an improvising trio. Its music is fresh and modern; inspired by jazz, rock, folk, jungle, drum’n’bass etc. Pink Freud demands audience’s sensitivity and concentration. Musicians play subtle tunes fully aware of their music. In 1998, Gdansk was a center of yass music; trend impressing Poland with great influence in 19ties. Pink Freud however turned its back to this tradition and recorded debut album “Zawijassy”. Album got enthusiastic reviews: “it’s refreshing our perception of polish jazz”, “Gdansk’s tradition of improvisation took step farther into more interesting and surprising tones”. PF’s concerts were even hotter. After one of them, someone started to call PF’s music “trance-jazz-dance”. Soon Pink Freud’s music became more and more different live than what was recorded on their album. They developed concept of playing trance way and album “Live in Jazzgot” shows band’s best music of that time. PF played with that Trans program more than 100 gigs in Poland, Germany, and Prague.

In 2003, Zen Posse Records issued “Sorry Music Polska”. On this album, Pink Freud presented very new style and reached for new metaphors to express their stories. Compositions are a base, a key to unlock feelings and emotions allowing musicians to build up their own improvisations, individual phrases and personalities. Using custom-built electronics along with bass, trumpet, vibraphone and drums PF produces unique, multicolored and multidimensional tunes. As a result, original, genuine style arises, easily associated with film music, 70th and 80th jazz and acoustic productions of NinjaTune or JazzLand.

2003 was rich in concerts. PF played at Gdynia Summer Jazz Days, Gdansk Yass Nights, Jazz Jantar, Jazz Bez in Lvov.

In January 2004 band play tour Poland and Germany, in May was represent Poland at European Jazz Fest in Portugal and in June on the anothers festivals in France

Summer 2004 is hot time for Wojtek Mazolewski: concerts on the most popular polish festival Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, where he had own day. He played with three bands - Pink Freud, Ludzie and Baaba. They are representation a new jazz style in Poland. Second concert was with great John Zorn’s project - “Cobra”.

November 2004 is month when Pink Freud play once again in France on the cycle “Good Polish Music” in Annecy and Macon.

Nowadays band publishing the thierd album “Jazz fajny jest” with remixes in execution of the best young and modern musicans, DJ’s, bands - like EMADE, ENVEE, Niewinni Czarodzieje, m.bunio.s, Mika Urbaniak, Old Time Radio, LocoStar and anothers.

The fifth album of Pink Freud is entitled “Punk Freud”. The band has been recognized by Universal Music Polska. This label will be promoting and distributing this album.

Line up
Wojtek Mazolewski - bass
Adam Milwiw - Baron - trumpet
Tomasz Duda - saxophone
Rafał Klimczuk- drums


Monster of Jazz, 2010
Punk Freud, 2009
Jazz Fajny Jest, 2005
Sorry Music Polska, 2003
Zawijasy, 2001


Before the concert of Pink Freud, at 7.30 p.m. on the A38, "The wildest duo of the East!",Deti Picasso presents: Wattican Punk Ballet

Brian Eno

Wattican Punk Ballet is an Armenian freak dance punk duo residing in Moscow and Budapest. The band comprises brother and sister, Karen and Gaya Arutyunyan, also founding members of the legendary Armenian psychedelic rock band Deti Picasso. Their music features the melding of psychedelic rock, dance punk, freak pop influences and almost theatrical stage tricks. Gaya and Karen explore the limits of composing and creativity in terms of the duo format. The band’s melange of raw power, funky disco beats and Caucasian influences elevate in the elemental energy of their live performances. Almost in every track they change instruments, using guitars, drums, keyboards, loops and percussion and making a very diverse and dynamic show.

Gaya and Karen have performed with a wide variety of musicians, including Alex Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten), Bobby McFerrin, Tony Levin, Nikola Sekulovic (Laibach), Jason Webley, Masfel, Zdob si Zdub, Schtimm, Vladimir Volkov, Istvan Grencso, etc. They played as support act for Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, The Verve, etc. Their projects have been internationally acclaimed for the impact they had on the Armenian and Russian independent rock scene since 2000. As members of Deti Picasso they have played at festivals and concert venues in more than 20 European countries:, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Luxemburg, France, Croatia, Czech Rep., Estonia, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Portugal, Armenia, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom (UK), Ukraine, etc.

Band members:
Gaya Arutyunyan - vocals, guitars, drums, keys
Karen Arutyunyan – guitars, drums, electronic samples



Advance booking: 1000 HUF
At the door: 1000 HUF