Soundcheck (PL)


Polish Focus - a special polish program of Jazz Forum Budapest 2011.

Friday 9 September 2011, 10:15 pm

Budapest Jazz Club

VIII., Múzeum u. 7.


Soundcheck was founded in 2002, but current members have been playing together since the end of 2003.  The band's repertoire contains not only the compositions written by the leader - Maciej "Kocin" Kocinski, but also by the remaining members, as well as new arrangments of the jazz standards. From the very beginning, Soundcheck has been succesfuly performing in the clubs and on festivals across Poland and abroad (Jazz Welten 2005, Crossroads 2005, Odnowa Jazz Festival 2006, "The Ones We Count On"-Jazz forum festival 2005, Jazz nad Odra 2006).

Musicians have already developed their own style of sound,  all of the artists are individualities. They are beeing invited to cooperation by many stars.Their music is deeply thought out and fine-tuned. However, ii is not devoid of spontaneity and openness, so that is unique in each performace. Comprehensive education, experience, broad musical interests, the passion, creation and hundreds of hours on stage, on the road and at trials make the effect is amazing. Soundcheck ... This can not be conveyed in words! Check the sound!

In May 2004, the band took part in the "Jazz-Blues bands contest" in Gdynia, where Maciej Kocinski was presented with the individual prize for the best instrumentalist and invitation to perform at the Sopot Molo Jazz Festival. In October 2004, at the International Jazz-Blues Contest in Ustia, Soundcheck won the first prize and an invitation to perform in Drezno in march 2005 at the JazzWelten festival. In February 2005, the band took part in the finale of Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa contest, where Maciej Kocinski was once again presented with the individual prize. In April 2005, Soundcheck won the Grand Prix at the Jazz nad Odra festival in Wroclaw, where additionaly Krzysztof Szmanda was presented with the individual prize and Maciej Kocinski with a special reward. In the same year Soundcheck was awarded second prize in the international competition "Krokus" in Jelenia Gora, and won "The Key to Career" on the XXXI edition of Jazz Fall in Gorzow Wlkp. During the international festival "Jazz Struggle" in Szczecin, Maciej Kocinski was chosen by the internauts as the favourite participant.

The band recorded two albums, both of which received very enthusiastic reviews. The third album "Soundcheck III Druglum"  will appear in March 2010.

Soundcheck Reperkusje- compilation of music from all our albums you can find in Jazz Forum Magazine form January 2010.

On the occasion of the Polish presidency in the Council of the European Union in 2011, the Polish Institute in Budapest, together with the Budapest Music Center - one of the most important musical organizations- will organize a Polish Focus on one of  the most important jazz festival: JazzForum Hungarian Budapest. The festival will take place in prestigious concert halls in Budapest Palace of Arts, Trafo and Budapest Jazz Club.

Jazz concerts: Pawel Kaczmarczyk Audiofeeling Sextet, Krzysztof Scieranski, Martin Masecki, Grzegorz Karnas / Miklós Lukács, Jacek Kochan / Dominik Wania / Piotr Lemańczyk / Viktor Tóth, Soundcheck, Piotr Wojtasik/Modern Art Orchestra (MAO)/Kuba Stankiewicz

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Organizers: BMC (Budapest Music Center)
Co-organizers: Polish Institute, Stołeczna Estrada