Polish Hungarian Cultural Meeting


Polish Hungarian Cultural Meeting in Zöld Pardon Club: Őszibarack (PL) + Neo (H)

Saturday 25 June 2011, 7:30 pm

Klub Zöld Pardon

Budapest, XI. Goldmann György tér, south side


It was a magical moment at a magical spot. The first concert: stage in the attic at the Modern Theater in Wrocław. The audience of Port Literacki Festival. The 2nd of April 2004. We’re rolling a film with an amateur video camera. Our first home-made video is born - a very positive and motivating moment. Carried by a wave of enthusiasm we make the “Moshi Moshi” record which comes out on the 30th of October from 24.7 Records label. Another wonderful experience was directed by Wojtek Zieliński and filmed by Bartek Raiński – “Skirts up!” video is made. It’s a blend of paratheatrical inscenisation, experiment and spontaneity with a tasty visual side to it. We are so proud. We also recall working on the set – a great experience. Few months later Tomek Dogiel creates an animation for the song “Lolli-pop”. We go on the road with the first record. All over Poland. Small clubs, bigger venues… We also reach further – Godor Festival in Budapest. Oszibarack is Hungarian for peach – we were obliged by our name. There is more and more spots on the map that are more than just spots on the map. Groningen and the Eurosonic Festival, Dublin, London, the legendary Agnieszka Osiecka studio in Warsaw where we play live on the radio. People dance to our music on the Off Festival in Myslovice and Opener Festival in Gdynia. On 25th of April new recor is out. It’s called “Plim Plum Plam” (24.7 Records). It is the effect of creative collaboration with brass and orchestra section consisting of Grzegorz Pastuszka (tuba), Mateusz Feliński (French horn), Tomasz Ziętek (trumpet), łukasz Damm (upright bass), Ewa Kolecka (flute), Bartek Bober (violin), Paweł Maliczkowski (trombone), Marcin Piórecki (guitar). Many, many thanks to you guys!!! Clip to the single “Surfin’ Safari” was made by director Darek Szermanowicz and camera man Bartek Bujko. Again a victory – great deal of work on the set results in a great video. We play lots of concerts with the new material. We will always remember what it feels like to play on one stage with Clark and Jamie Lidell on the New Music Festival In Cieszyn. Another great memory is that of Heineken Opener Festival. We play on the same tent stage as the legendary Sex Pistols, Fischerspooner, CocoRosie, Mitch&Mitch. A year ago another dream comes true – we play a concert together with Michael Fakesch. It all happens one magical night of the Era New Horizons Festival in Wrocław. There are so many festivals in 2008… Off Camera festival in Krakow, and the “Don’t panic we are from Poland” Musicxport Festival. We don’t restrain ourselves from creative collaboration and experiments as well as unexpected moments of fun like the “Wyspiański Wyzwala” CD… Today we feel like we’re entering a new era and the best is still to come…

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